About Us

Iconic Power Systems is an Alberta company based in Calgary that specializes in an extensive range of substation services. From all aspects of earthworks to retrofits to testing and commissioning, we have years of experience in both the public and private utility sectors of Western Canada.

The high voltage substation is a critical component in the power system. As such, we strive to consistently deliver exceptional quality management, efficiency, innovation and safety with every project we undertake. Our expertise and knowledge of the power utility field is unrivaled and our reputation speaks for itself: our clients are continuously satisfied and our track record of repeat business is second to none.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Iconic Power Systems to be the industry leader in the building of electrical substation infrastructure in Western Canada. By adhering to the highest standards of quality and HSE management, we are ensuring the expert and safe delivery of electricity to millions of households, businesses and industries. Iconic is connecting communities, fuelling change and driving growth as part of building a powerful Western Canada.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to expand our reach to neighbouring provinces and beyond by continuing to lead in the field of electrical substation construction. We will enhance our customer service through expanded service offerings, an ongoing commitment to hiring the most qualified technicians and continual investment in innovation and technology.