Droughty, erosion-prone soils require wind and water erosion protection. The application of a suitable soil tackifier (a product has been tested and approved for use in a pipeline construction and reclamation setting) is often necessary to prevent topsoil loss. The application of a tackifier dries to form a firm but re-wettable membrane that binds soil particles together but permits germination and growth of seed.

Iconic Earthworks’ application of a tackifier and wood fiber mulch following topsoil removal is more cost effective than repeated watering of topsoil windrows and piles. The volume of water required for repeated watering is not an acceptable use of this limited resource. In some instances, particularly on erodible soil, tackifiers and wood fiber mulch may be used to provide initial stabilization. Additionally, hydraulic erosion control products (HECPs) may be applied to steep slopes or other areas prone to wind or water erosion.