BMCD Jasper

BMcD Jasper involves the construction and commissioning the expansion of Watson Creek 104S and the construction of 530L to an interconnection point with ATCO Electric’s 6L530.

Watson Creek 104S – The expansion of Watson Creek 104S includes the installation of two (2) 138/69 25MVA auto transformers, two (2) 138kV circuit breakers, one (1) 138kV bus; two (2) 138kV motorized disconnect switches, one (1) motor operator addition on an existing 138kV manually operated switch, two (2) 69kV motorized disconnect switches, three (3) manual disconnect switches, one (1) 69kV bus, and one (1) 69kV circuit breaker.

At Cold Creek 602S and Bickerdike 39S, Iconic are making the necessary relay setting changes to add alternative group settings for a bypass switch close condition between 615L and 847L and recommissioning as necessary.