The project scope of work for Enmax 36s includes:

  • Replacement of 69kV Line Lightning Arrester
  • Installation of new 138kV bus support insulators
  • Demolition of Existing PT Structure and Foundations
  • Demolition of Existing Foundation for 36.5TR
  • New Foundation for 36.5TR
  • Supply & Install Sorbweb Containment and Drainage for 36.5TR
  • New Fire Wall for 36.5TR
  • Relocation of PT to Existing Steel Structure
  • Install new Steel structures, Foundation and 69 kV line Insulator and Lightning Arrester
  • Install new Steel on 36.5TR for 138kV bus Insulator
  • Install foundations & blast wall
  • Supply & Install Albarrie Oil Containment System (Albarrie Rep for install)
  • Install overhead bus