ENMAX Sub 162

The ENMAX SUB 162 is a substation located in the NE side of Calgary, AB. The following major equipment will be installed, commissioned and energized by Iconic Power Systems: Add one 138kV 2000A horizontally mounted motorized disconnect complete with support structure onto new foundation, add one 138kV circuit breaker on existing foundations with added support beams, add one set of three 138kV PTs on new foundation and new support structure, add two 138kV 4000A bus supports (High Bus) on two new foundations (1 ea), add two 138kV 4000A horizontally mounted switches (SW 93 and 96) complete with support structure on existing foundations, salvage existing bus support for future projects and re-connection/re-termination and installation of the bus-work on the existing bay and the new transformer bay.