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Saunders Lake (Burns & McDonnell)

The Saunders Lake 289S Substation project is located south of Edmonton Alberta and consists of the construction of a new 240/138kV Substation. The Saunders Lake 289S Substation is a new facility, two new 240/320/400 MVA 245/144 kV transformers and associated high bus and low bus breakers and protection. Iconic is responsible for the installation and welding of the substation structural steel, installation of the bus work and trenching and installation of the control and LV power cables. Iconic is also responsible for the commissioning telecom, DC Power equipment, Alarming equipment, SCADA equipment, and fiber optic communications equipment. As well as a few small upgrades at the following remote site: Nisku, Wetaskiwin, Ellerslie, Wolf Creek and Bigstone